Opel revealed Vivaro-e electric van

Opel revealed Vivaro-e electric van

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The basis for an environmentally friendly new product, which received a 136-horsepower electric motor, was the commercial model Opel Vivaro.

Opel introduced the new Vivaro-e electric van, which was created on the basis of the standard version of the eponymous commercial car without a “green” prefix in the name. For the performance of the electric Opel Vivaro-e meets the 136-horsepower electric motor. With such a power unit, an environmentally friendly van can be dispersed to a mark of 130 km / h. The German automaker will offer customers versions with batteries of 50 and 75 kW / h. The range of the car will depend on the selected battery – 200 or 300 kilometers.

 The carrying capacity of such an electric car is 1.2 tons, while the van can tow a trailer weighing up to a ton.


 It takes only half an hour to recharge the van from the batteries at 50 kW / h to 80% of the charging station to 100 kW. For cars with a more capacious battery, charging time increases to 45 minutes.

  The novelty also acquired a kinetic energy recovery system during braking. With it, you can recharge the battery. In addition, the Opel Vivaro-e relies on a very rich list of all kinds of driver’s assistants. For the first time, the brand will launch the Vivaro-e van on the market. After that, onboard modifications and passenger vans will join it. To order an electric car will be available this summer, but the first commercial vehicles will fall into the hands of buyers only in the fall.