Opel or Ferrari? – argued once May, Hammond and Vettel…

Opel or Ferrari? – argued once May, Hammond and Vettel…

September 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The choice is not the easiest: Ferrari 458 Speciale or Opel Kadett? To resolve the dispute, James May and Richard Hammond invited a Formula 1 pilot Sebastian Vettel.

People have their own opinion for any case, and if a serious dispute arises, then one can not do without outside judgment. That is why James May and Richard Hammond, the host of the program The Grand Tour and former stars of Top Gear, in a dispute, whose car is better, turned for help to the Formula 1 pilot Sebastian Vettel.

Their argument is interesting because it applies to you and me: which car is better – effective and powerful, but whose power cannot be used, or modest, but with a cozy charm.

May claims that nothing could be better than his Ferrari 458 Speciale, while Hammond is fascinated by the 1963 Opel Kadett, which makes him smile every day.

Hammond enthusiastically transfers to Vettel the technical advantages of his Kadett, which … are not. The 1963 Opel is equipped with an engine, the volume of which barely reaches one liter. The power of the unit is only 39.5 hp. 60 years of age presses on the roof of the car, which means that not all of the declared horses have survived to this day and the real engine power can be about 30 hp. Hammond is not discouraged – in his Opel there is a radio, and the speedometer is laid out to 144 kilometers per hour (90 miles per hour). At the same time, Hammond admits that he still has not been able to accelerate the Kadett faster than 88 km / h (55 mph). Therefore, the main argument of Hammond was … nostalgia, causing him a kind smile.

It’s not a fact that the Ferrari 458 Speciale with Captain Slow at the wheel (as the slow-moving James May was nicknamed) at least once developed a speed of more than 55 miles per hour – all the horses of a supercar with such a driver, in fact, stomp on the spot. What this car is capable of, Vettel does not need to explain – he now stands for Ferrari in Formula 1.

In an appeal to the judge, who is called to resolve the dispute, May relies on the balance of the supercar, its power and controllability, and also describes the emotions he experiences.

You will be surprised if the young racer Vettel will choose Ferrari?