Opel Mokka received a new designation

Opel Mokka received a new designation

May 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Little by little Opel shows more and more upcoming Mokka. The car promises to open a new chapter in many design areas.

Opel claims that it is preparing a new designation for its Mokka models. The name of the model, previously located in the corner of the back door, now moves to a new place: in the center at the back. Therefore, the same tricks that Skoda uses are expected: recently, she began to write the brand name on the back door. In Opel, the type designation of the model will now be placed in the same place. The famous “lightning” logo will be located above it.

An observant viewer will notice that Opel is choosing a new font. The fairly robust font that Opel now uses is being reworked and replacing these new letters. In the name Mokka, the first and last lines of the outer letters have a slope, which creates a certain idea of ​​a trapezoid. Whether this is a coincidence due to the initial letter “M” and the final “A” is unclear. Opel says it selects new letters because they are easier to display in digital format. In the electric Mokka, a small “e” appears after the type designation.

It is still not known exactly when Opel will show the new Mokka, but given the large number of teasers, we do not have to wait too long. The first product models should appear at dealerships in early 2021.