Opel has updated its brand logo Blitz

Opel has updated its brand logo Blitz

July 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The updated logo of the German brand Opel appeared on the compact crossover Mokka 2021 model year.

Last month, the German company Opel introduced a completely new version of its subcompact crossover Mokka, but few people noticed that, among other things, the novelty has an updated Blitz logo.

As in the case of Volkswagen, which introduced its slightly updated logo last year, Opel limited itself to only minor changes with its logo.

The famous emblem with a zipper, designed to “decorate” all future German automaker models, now has a thinner surrounding ring with the word “Opel” engraved at the bottom of the ring.

Opel’s vice president of design, Mark Adams, compares this inscription with “fine engraving on jewelry.” The lightning itself did not seem to have changed much, except that now it has a flatter surface.

“The surrounding ring has become thinner, more elegant and more expressive. It emphasizes our signature lightning even more. All the details of the updated logo are very sharp with a very small radius, ”says Mark Adams.

A logo with a zipper in the circle adorns all Opel models since 1963. Depending on the model and year of manufacture of the car, the emblems may vary slightly.

According to Mr. Adams, the updated brand logo will be used by all future cars of the brand. The automaker says that the revised logo is the best fit “for use in advertising.”

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