Opel does not intend to spend money on the Paris Motor Show

Opel does not intend to spend money on the Paris Motor Show

September 8, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Opel, recently passed under the leadership of the European concern PCA, officially refused to participate in the Paris Motor Show 2018. The organizers of the event were surprised by this decision.

Gradually large companies come to the conclusion that large, and most importantly expensive, car dealers are already unprofitable. Now comes the era of special events and online presentations. The Paris Motor Show this year also loses many visitors.

This time, the German company Opel announced its refusal to participate in the Paris Motor Show in October this year. And Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and even Volkswagen have already refused participation.

So far, Opel does not make loud statements about a complete refusal in car dealerships. The main argument is the actual absence of serious novelties. The brand is now at the stage of a complete revision of the concept of its own models, the transition to new platforms, the processing of the entire model line, and the development of a development strategy for the coming years.

And the organizers of the showroom in Paris are confident that their event will be very important for the European market. They expect to attend at least 1 million people, and approximately 10,000 journalists. But this is only preliminary and supposed data.

Most brands are increasingly paying attention to individual presentations, when all the attention of journalists is directed to the presentation of a single model, and one does not have to compete with most equally interesting presentations. On the response from visitors and the resonance in the media, such events are much more effective.

Unfortunately, Opel has not yet begun to tell what kind of event they plan to visit later, and whether it’s their own presentation, or one of the international exhibitions.

Meanwhile, Opel and British company Vauxhall held a solemn demonstration of the new compact cross GT X Experimental with a fully electric power plant. The concept is designed to show the development of design.