Opel Crossland X got accessories for winter travel

Opel Crossland X got accessories for winter travel

January 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

On the occasion of a snowy winter in Europe Opel has prepared a wide range of accessories for its popular crossover.

German car manufacturer Opel has opened an order for new original accessories for the Crossland X crossover, which will help you travel more comfortably by car.


In addition to styling elements from the OPC division, the company offers optional equipment in the form of aerodynamic roof racks, mudguards, door sills with the Opel logo on LEDs, a grille in the boot loading area and winter tires.

The automaker claims that the Thule roof railing system can hold up to six pairs of skis and up to four snowboards. It is also possible to increase the standard cargo space by the Execellence cargo box on the roof. It opens on both sides and provides a place for luggage in the event of a long vacation with the family.

Owners of Opel Crossland X can order holders for various devices, hooks and hangers for bags and clothes, as well as a folding table with a built-in holder for glasses. Another German automotive brand offers several types of child seats and attachment systems for all age groups that comply with the latest EU safety regulations. Accessories can be purchased online or through car dealerships.