Opel cars get intelligent matrix optics

Opel cars get intelligent matrix optics

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Most current Opel / Vauxhall models are equipped with IntelliLux high-performance LED matrix headlights. They have now appeared in the arsenal of the new Mokka and Mokka-e.

The new optics are based on IntelliLux technology, which, according to the automaker itself, is “far superior to xenon or conventional systems.” These LED matrix headlights are more precise and more powerful.

They are able to automatically switch to high beams and continuously adjust the range and distribution of the light cone. Moreover, their work does not depend on the position of the car on the road. The LED segments adapt quickly to road conditions: individual LEDs take milliseconds to do so.

For example, the Insignia’s IntelliLux headlights receive 168 LED elements at once, 84 for each headlight. The developers also emphasize that the Pixel Light system will be especially useful for drivers on highways.

If the car turns to the left, the additional light shines in the same direction. Due to this, the driver sees the lane better. On the right, there is enough light for him to see the same road signs. When cornering on the right side, the light concentrates mainly on the right and does not dazzle oncoming drivers.

The Grandland X SUV has a slightly different system: it gets the optional camera-based adaptive AFL LED technology.

It offers up to eight separate modes: for city and country roads, highways, turns, parking, and more.

Earlier, we said that the updated BMW X7 will be equipped with optics unusual for this model. Photo spies managed to photograph the crossover, the headlights of which had a completely different shape and were located lower than that of its predecessor.