Online Sales May Be New Vauxhall Standard

Online Sales May Be New Vauxhall Standard

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A pandemic makes it possible to resolve various issues remotely, including the purchase of a new car. The head of Vauxhall believes that such a course of events may become the norm even after the crisis.

In fact, Stephen Norman, the head of Vauxhall, believes in this new system so much that he spends two hours every day, personally answering the phone calls of potential customers. And now he believes that buyers will accept this way of doing business even after everything returns to normal.

“Even when we get rid of the epidemic, I believe that retail will never return to what it was. I expect that car buyers will continue to do what we encourage them now – to call the company, get a response from the person who will help them in this process, and then continue their business through the retail network in the usual way, ”he said.

Norman believes that although this new trend will not lead to redundancy in dealerships, financially it is likely to leave a mark. A possible return to normal daily activities will highlight “the recent excessive consumption of products and values ​​in society at large.” “Before the epidemic, this trend already appeared in the food and clothing industry. I think this goes to the automotive industry, ”he added.

Stephen Norman does not think that the dealers will disappear completely, but he suspects that much more will be organized remotely, and that people will almost come to the dealer, only to finally pick up their car. Dealers can be significantly abolished, but at the same time, according to Norman, buying a new car “should not be boring.” A similar comment was recently made by Ford Head of Sales in the USA, Mark Lanev, saying that the current status quo would trigger a shift towards online car sales.