One of the rarest variations of Toyota Supra put up for sale

One of the rarest variations of Toyota Supra put up for sale

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An announcement appeared on the Internet about the sale of a rare version of the Toyota Supra of the previous generation A80 in the body of the targ and the shade of Solar Yellow. The cost of a well-groomed Japanese sports car with a hard top in the 1998 production year in excellent condition is only $ 42,000. The car itself is located in Australia.

The owner of Supra turned to the local dealer of the Japanese automaker to confirm the uniqueness of the sold targa. The car was checked according to the Toyota information base and, judging by the official Supra register, the completeness and shade of the sports car correspond to this identification number.

The release of Supra bright yellow models was carried out only for the domestic car market, and the combination of a targa body, atmospheric power unit and automatic transmission makes the sports car the only one of its kind.

 The minus of this Toyota Supra for petroheads will be the combination of a 4-band automatic transmission А340Е and a naturally aspirated 2JZ-GE engine with a capacity of 225 hp.

The absence of a third pedal is a feature of the most equipped Supra, which have a leather interior and a shade of Solar Yellow. As follows from the Toyota registry, finding a bright sports car with rich equipment and a manual transmission is a real find.