One of the most beautiful sports cars Volkswagen Karman Ghia celebrates its 65th anniversary

One of the most beautiful sports cars Volkswagen Karman Ghia celebrates its 65th anniversary

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

After the new item entered the market, the brand had to double its production volumes: customers appreciated the original design. In the US, the VW Karman Ghia has become the most popular imported car.

The success of the sports car is easy to explain. It is based on the legendary Beetle – from which it borrowed simple but reliable mechanics. It was designed by the Italian studio Carrozzeria Ghia, and the body was hand-made by the masters of the German body shop Karmann. The debut copy of the sports car was released at the plant in Osnabrück 65 years ago. The decision to launch the car in series was made in August 1955, a month after the official presentation of the concept.

The novelty, which has a sporty appearance, was equipped with a 36-horsepower engine and weighed 68 kilograms heavier than the Beetle. So there was no need to wait for outstanding dynamics from the car: the car accelerated to 96 km / s in 28 seconds. At the same time, customers enjoyed driving a car: driving Karmann Ghia was much more interesting than Beetle. The fact is that the sports car got a modified suspension with new details. And the car itself was 18 cm closer to the ground. At the time, Karmann Ghia was priced at $ 900 and had no sales problems.

For its spectacular appearance, buyers forgave the sports car for the modest return of the engine. In just the first 19 years of the conveyor life, this sports car was produced in the number of 362 601 coupes and 80 881 convertibles.

Karmann Ghia ended in 1974. By this time, he managed to update several times. At the end of its life cycle, the sports car produced 60 “horses”. This model is prized among collectors. Depending on the condition and mileage, Karmann Ghia can cost from 10 – 30 thousand dollars and more.

In the meantime, the most devoted fan of the Volkswagen brand has been found in the USA. A fan of the brand has owned 42 different Volkswagen cars in his lifetime, and now there are three such cars in his garage. Also, Volkswagen cars are owned by members of his family.