One of the first cars in the world put up for auction

One of the first cars in the world put up for auction

October 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Model Panhard-Levassor Type A2 will go under the hammer in early November

The auction house Bonhams put up for auction one of the first cars in the world, the model Panhard-Levassor Type A2 1901 release.

Today, the company of the French automaker Panhard no longer exists, its assets were divided between Citroen and the manufacturer of military armored vehicles Auverland. But at one time, the company made a real breakthrough by creating the first modern car for France.

In total, five copies of this model have survived to this day, but only the car that was put up for auction has a “pedigree”. In 1927, he made his first debut in a race from London to Brighton, and after that he managed to take part in 60 different races.

As follows from copies of the factory documents, the car put up for auction was personally ordered by Rene de Kniff, one of the best and most famous racers of his time. In 1897, he took the place of the head of the company after the death of its founder.

According to preliminary estimates of bidders, the car should cost the new owner at least 200-250 thousand pounds. But, given the rich history of this lot and its uniqueness, the final cost is likely to be much higher.