One-of-a-kind Highway Star car will be shown at SEMA

One-of-a-kind Highway Star car will be shown at SEMA

June 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the framework of the SEMA tuning exhibition, which is scheduled for November this year, a unique car will be shown, which consists of parts of famous muscle cars.

Earlier it was announced that the SEMA tuning exhibition was postponed to the beginning of November – the coronavirus pandemic was to blame. One of the cars that we will follow in Las Vegas will be this impressive show car, developed by specialists from Hemi Autoworks and Ellsworth Racing. Named after the 1972 Deep Purple song, the unique assembly consists of parts of iconic muscle cars.

New borrowed some elements from the Dodge Viper.

Such elements in particular were the chassis, which was “stretched” by about 33 centimeters to be compatible with the body, taken from the 1970 Dodge Challenger. Heavily rusted and poorly restored, the body was expanded by more than 3.8 cm with more powerful wings.

The “custom” body is undergoing additional changes – in particular, it will receive a hood from Challenger in a more powerful version of R / T. Highway Star will be equipped with a “standard” 6.2-liter HEMI V8 Hellcat engine with a supercharger ported by Kong Performance and featuring special heat shields from FI Interchillers. Power will be directed to the wheels through the transmission from Viper.

The team behind this ambitious project borrowed additional details from Viper, including a suspension with coilovers, brakes and a cooling system. They will also work on the aerodynamics of the resulting car, implementing a functional splitter, spoiler and diffuser. The car will ride on Viper 19-inch rims with significantly thicker tires.

Inside, there will be only a single cell and a factory instrument panel. While there is no air conditioning in the cabin, it has heat and sound insulation.

Not so long ago, our publication of the pial that the “charged” Audi RS Q8 looks very bold in tuning from the Lumma studio. Thanks to the efforts of experts from the Lumma tuning studio, the high-performance German crossover Audi RS Q8 received an aerodynamic body kit made of carbon fiber and an increase in power.