One meter long highway opens

One meter long highway opens

March 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Romania, the shortest highway in the world was opened – it was built by businessman Stefan Mandachi from Suceava (Romania) with his own money. Thus, the entrepreneur expressed his protest against the poorly developed infrastructure in the country.

“We are the poorest region in Europe. And I want to have highways here in my region. Here in Suceava, in my city! ”Declared Mandachi.

A one-meter-long roadbed cost him 4,500 euros; it was officially opened in the presence of the mayor of the village of Bosanchi, Nikolai Myron.
According to the official, the government ignores regional projects, for the implementation of which the local budget has to be used.

The highway network in Romania has a length of 805 kilometers, and the construction of roads is progressing very slowly. By the number of accidents, the country ranks first in Europe, only in 2017 more than 1900 people died on the roads of the country.