On the web there were photos of the new KIA Sorento

On the web there were photos of the new KIA Sorento

November 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The appearance of the novelty is characterized by a large number of sharp corners and transitions. Testing the car is nearing completion.

On the eve of the web appeared images of the new KIA Sorento crossover. At this stage, the car passes the final tests, and will soon be ready for presentation. An updated version of the popular cross will add in dimensions – not only the length will increase, but also the wheelbase. The design of the car looks a bit unusual in comparison with modern trends for smooth lines and transitions. The body of the new Sorento contains many sharp corners and sharp transitions. The grille and front bumper are made in the style of Telluride flagship. Compared with the previous version, the taillights are made using LED technology, and the running lights have become more stylish and bright.

In addition to the classic ICE, a hybrid powerplant will now be present in the engine range. Due to the 48-volt starter-generator, the car will be able to drive about 80 km without recharging.

 Recently, it was reported that a hydrogen-powered version of the Sorento will be available in the US car market. It is known for sure that already in the initial configuration the car will receive a full package of security systems. Among them, it is worth noting lane control and collision avoidance systems, as well as adaptive cruise control.