On the web showed Tesla Cybertruck for police and ambulance

On the web showed Tesla Cybertruck for police and ambulance

March 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to reports, a lot of applications were left for the new SUV.

If you believe the reports, Tesla received as much as half a million pre-orders for a fully electric Cybertruck, although, of course, it is not clear which deals will go through, as long as customers have made only $ 100 and can withdraw their deposit if they wish.

Despite this, the vast majority of these trucks are likely to be sold to private buyers, but there is a chance that some companies will use them in their fleets.

Artist Liz Fletcher suggested that the new model of the American company should be used not only in private or business, but also be useful for special services.

The renders of the Tesla Cybertruck rendered on the Web depict in several variations: for the police, ambulance and other special services. Tesla Cybertruck for the NYPD received the appropriate white and blue livery, as well as all the required blue and red flashing lights. In addition, an independent designer introduced Tesla Cybertruck as a taxi, ambulance, British Royal Mail and more.

There is also a coast guard version of Her Majesty depicted on the beach with towing equipment and includes off-road tires as well as a unique front bumper. There is also a massive LED panel extending over the roof.

Note that last week, Tesla’s CEO announced that he was looking for a place to build a new Gigafactory plant in the United States, which will manufacture Cybertruck. It is still unknown which US states are being considered.