On the web appeared renderings Genesis GV80 2021

On the web appeared renderings Genesis GV80 2021

November 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There are quite a few representatives in the SUV segment, however, the GV80 will be able to stand out due to its unusual design.

For the first time, the Genesis GV80 concept car was shown on April 12, 2017 at the New York Auto Show. Hyundai’s premium division is constantly reassuring us all that this model will be available soon, but we still cannot tell when it will finally happen. The designers of Motor1.com tried to brighten up their expectations by trying to present the final version of the first Genesis SUV.

The render is based on the appearance of other representatives of the line, as well as on the numerous prototypes that photo spies showed us when passing the Nurburgring this year. Test models were completely hidden under camouflage, but it doesn’t allow us to understand the design of the car, however, designers still believe that the car will look that way.

The new Genesis “Crest” grille has already been shown at the 2020 G90, which was presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but the side lights are slightly different from what we see on the full-size sedan. On the render, they are divided into two parts, while the rear lights of the GV80 will also have two-level headlights.

The G90, shown this week in the United States, is a serious reconstruction of the previous variation of the sedan, but the interior remains almost the same. Since the GV80 acts as a full-fledged new development, and according to expectations, the interior decoration will be completely different with the elements of the conceptual model.