On the web appeared “live” pictures of the “charged” Kia Optima GT

On the web appeared “live” pictures of the “charged” Kia Optima GT

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The novelty, with a 290-horsepower engine, will be the most powerful Kia Optima in the history of the model.

Today, spy shots of the new Kia K5, known also as Optima, have appeared on the Web. Moreover, the model without camouflage was just a version of the GT. Photos suggest that the debut of the “charged” news will take place soon.

“The next Optima GT will get an interesting powerplant and a completely new suspension. This will provide a new driving experience for the Kia, ”said Albert Birmann earlier.

The basic version of the Kia Optima sedan is already available in South Korea. The novelty received a more aggressive design, the latest technology and security systems, as well as the Solar Roof function.

If we look at what Hyundai has done with the Sonata N-Line, we can expect at least the all-new 2.5-liter Theta3 turbocharged engine with 290 hp, a new 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox and four-wheel drive.

The new Kia K5 in the American specification will have 2 different engines, all with a turbocharger, and will use 3 different transmissions. The 1.6T motor will be available with two power levels. Initially, we expected the debut of the American K5 at the New York Auto Show in April, but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and its transfer, it is possible that the automaker will introduce the model online.