On the street of London installed a machine for the sale of cars

On the street of London installed a machine for the sale of cars

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For three months, engineers at Auto Trader worked hard on this device. Now inside this unusual vending machine is one instance of the Renault Zoe.

On one of the central streets of London, passers-by are surprised by an unusual machine selling full-size cars. About this writes the foreign edition of Carscoops, adding that a team of six engineers from Auto Trader worked on this machine for three months. He received a block for cars with transparent walls, automatic doors, as well as a contactless payment terminal. The variety of models and brands in this unusual outlet is out of the question.

 In a showcase in a single copy, Renault Zoe flaunts in black. This model is considered one of the most anticipated electric cars in the UK. According to Auto Trader, in the last month alone, Zoe has appeared in search queries 463 thousand times.

Another reason why Renault Zoe appeared in a street vending machine is its price tag, which fits well with the limit set on the device: 21 thousand pounds. For Zoe they ask for 16 thousand pounds. This project is still a pilot. With it, experts will be able to understand how much the British are interested in today’s environmentally friendly transport, as well as in instant car purchases.