On the Renault Kangoo put the engine from the “hot” Megane RS

On the Renault Kangoo put the engine from the “hot” Megane RS

February 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An enthusiast decided to upgrade his Renault Kangoo van and equipped it with a gearbox from the sports version of the Renault Clio model, as well as a 222-horsepower engine from the high-performance Megane RS.

When you see a white Renault Kangoo, casually driving through the streets of London, you will probably think that it is going to deliver any cargo to the nearest shop. And certainly no one even suspects that a French passenger / cargo van could have passed by you with a whistle of wheels, leaving behind it clouds of smoke on the road. This is yes, but not this time. Indeed, under the hood, this Renault Kangoo is equipped with a powerful engine from the “charged” Megane RS hatchback.

The guys from the Youtube channel Monky London were able to photograph this unremarkable French van. Externally, the car is no different from their own kind.

The owner of this vehicle, which he affectionately calls Megangoo, had to use as many as three Renault cars to build the van of his dream. The gearbox was taken from the Renault Clio II Sport, and the turbocharged engine was borrowed from the powerful Megane 225 hatchback.

Kangoo is a passenger and cargo van, which was introduced in 1997, the production of which was completed in 2007, after which it was replaced by the second generation. This copy of the model is a panel van, which originally worked on a diesel engine. And now, under its hood is a powerful 222-strong power unit.