On the Internet, they showed how an electric Hummer H1 might look

On the Internet, they showed how an electric Hummer H1 might look

May 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the fact that the Hummer H1 ceased to be produced back in 2006, the car is considered a legend in the US auto industry. It is for this reason that GM SUVs are quite used by designers for their projects.

This time, after the automaker’s announcement of plans to launch a Hummer with an electric motor, automobile artist Samir Sadikhov, who worked with the Lamborghini and Genesis brands, showed his own vision of an electric Hummer.

The artist tried to do everything possible to preserve the original design of the cult model. At the same time, the radiator grill has become a bit more compact, and headlights with round LED running lights and turn signals have been installed. In addition, Hummer glasses are slightly “recessed” into the body, which has recesses under the doors and side “skirts”.

 Instead of traditional side mirrors, cameras appeared. The ceiling is decorated with a 4-section hatch. The back of the body can be used to transport cargo by removing the hard top.

 Since this project exists only in the form of sketches, in its description there is no information about the power unit of the future SUV. Taking into account the upcoming debut of the Hummer EV electric pickup, it can be assumed that Sadikhov’s project can be equipped with 1000-horsepower electric motors.