On the basis of the old Ford Bronco SUV built a motorhome

On the basis of the old Ford Bronco SUV built a motorhome

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A woman from the United States decided to get away from the bustle of the city and built a small motorhome based on her old Ford Bronco SUV. I must say that the resulting vehicle has very little space, but it is cozy in its own way.

  You can spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a suitable camper van, tourist trailer or a full-fledged motor home. Or you can build it yourself, as one woman did. Her YouTube channel called Unstoppable Morgan shows the whole process of turning an old Ford Bronco SUV into a tiny motorhome that can take her and her dogs to the places she chooses to travel.

 The desire to turn an SUV into a house has its own problems, for example, where to put a toilet. In this case, the way out was to build it directly into the driver’s seat.

 The video does not show the construction of this “structure”, it is only known that all the contents flow into a small septic tank under the truck. Although this can be called a brilliant idea, the owner of the house on wheels notes that there are problems with unpleasant odors. It is worth noting that the woman carried out all the work to turn the SUV into a motor home, on her own.

The SUV has a pull-out bed for her and her two dogs, plenty of storage space, parquet floors, a laptop and much more. There is a kitchen and a sink, although, as the hostess herself says, due to lack of space, she often uses equipment for cooking outdoors. Solar panels cover the roof, which also has plenty of storage space. Inside the SUV, a homely atmosphere reigns.

 Refusal of a traditional brick house – whether it is a house, an apartment – is a very difficult decision. Many people dream to collect their most valuable things, sell what they no longer need, and hit the road. But the high price of such vehicles is an obstacle for many who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, although you can save money and build your own mobile home.