On the basis of the baby VW New Beetle built pickup

On the basis of the baby VW New Beetle built pickup

June 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning studio Smyth Performance presented its next project, in which, a small truck was made from the urban baby VW New Beetle. Buyers have already snapped up the first 100 copies of an amazing car.

A couple of months ago, photos of a rather strange pickup truck were published on the Internet. The fact that it was made on the basis of a compact avtomobilchik VW New Beetle. Since then, foreign journalists have been able to talk with the creator of this project, Mark Smith from the tuning company Smyth Performance. At that time, work on the car was not completed. Now everything is ready and the guys from Smyth Performance can present you their creation.

Smyth Performance announced the completion of all work last week, and, according to Mark Smith in a video on the YouTube channel, the car has become a bestseller of the company. Approximately 100 copies of this rather unusual Beetle have already been sold.

The first batch was available at a pre-order price of $ 2,990. It is noteworthy that the car shown in the video was bought for only $ 1,500.

For this price you will get the truck you have always dreamed of. The cargo platform and its reinforcing structures are made of aluminum, as is the functional rear door. The stunning wings of fiberglass look very … unusual, I must say that in general it is completely a special car. A special cover with integrated rear window fills the space behind the front seats.