On the basis of an old BMW 3-Series did “crazy car”

On the basis of an old BMW 3-Series did “crazy car”

March 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For $ 2,500, you can purchase a highly upgraded version of the Bavarian sedan. According to the seller, a huge amount of fun you provided.

This car is for sale in Montana. It is noteworthy that, depending on the city in which these ads are viewed, the BMW M3 1995 or M3 2019 is listed as the basis for the project. The visible parts of the body clearly indicate that we are dealing with the generation of the e36 of the 1990s. The absence of the M marking on the valve cap indicates that this is not the normal version of the model.

The owner of this frank strange homemade, obviously, heard that too much weight of the car is the most fierce enemy of speed, and … went too far. All body panels were removed – there is no hood, and the wheels are partially visible in the engine compartment.

The intake manifold appears to be for the BMW 325i e36 engine, which has the internal designation M50B25. The owner of this car made a lot of modifications, including installing an ultra-short “inlet” with a cone-shaped filter attached to it. The power plant is connected to the 5-step manual transmission.

On this car, you can hardly seem on public roads, as there are no taillights. The ideal buyer for the so-called “cart of death” would be the one who has enough free space to drive this car on private land. With a little more effort, the new owner can even more modernize this car, attaching a cargo platform to it – you get a pickup. The idea may seem crazy, but it will be the first such car based on the BMW 3-Series.