On tests seen receiver supercar McLaren 570S

On tests seen receiver supercar McLaren 570S

April 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists captured the prototype of the new model of the British brand, which should become the receiver of the McLaren 570S supercar. The novelty received a serial body and a hybrid power plant.

Over the past few months, foreign journalists have managed to catch the mysterious McLaren test car with stickers several times in the lenses of their cameras, indicating that the car is equipped with a hybrid engine. Previous “spy” images showed that the car’s body was covered with camouflage panels – now only camouflage film remained on the car.

At the moment, quite a bit can be said about the appearance of the British novelty – because of the camouflage film, it is difficult to make out the entire exterior.

 Now you can see only the taillights and LED daytime running lights in the front of the car.

We also do not know much about the composition of the hybrid power plant, although it was previously said that the British automaker is developing a new plug-in hybrid engine, which is due to appear sometime this year. According to rumors, he will use a powerful gasoline V6 twin-turbocharged engine, making him the only modern eight-cylinder McLaren engine. It is also known that when developing a new model, the company’s engineers will use the technologies that were used to build the iconic hybrid supercar P1.

 We do not know when McLaren will introduce the successor to the 570S, most likely this will happen next year, and in this case, the car will be sold as a supercar of the 2022 model year.