On tests seen high-performance Porsche Cayenne Coupe GT

On tests seen high-performance Porsche Cayenne Coupe GT

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

There were photos from the tests of the “charged” German crossover, from which you can see the new exhaust pipes. Rumors suggest that under the hood of the novelty will be an 800-horsepower engine. Presentation of new items should take place in a couple of days.

“Spy” images give a fresh look at the prototype of a more powerful performance of the Porsche Cayenne coupe-like crossover, which is likely to get the GT prefix to its name. It is noteworthy that the noticed car has a dummy panel in the rear bumper.

 The front of the seen Cayenne prototypes looks identical to the existing model in the Turbo version. The front bumper received six large inlets for supplying air to the engine.


There are not many changes in the profile of the car, but the front brake discs look a little larger than the current version of the car. The back of this crossover is essentially the main feature of the Cayenne Coupe. Like the cars in previous “spy” shots, the silver Cayenne has a strange rear bumper with trapezoidal tailpipes in the corners and oval pipes in the center. A red car shows that the ones on the outside are fake, while the ones in the middle are just working.

 An earlier model with this weird rear bumper on the front wing had a Hybrid badge alluding to a plug-in hybrid powerplant under the hood. Rumor has it that in this case we are talking about an improved version of the same unit, which is proposed in the Turbo S E-Hybrid version. As a basis, a 4.0-liter V8 with two turbines is installed, which is helped by an electric motor. Well, the total power is about 800 horsepower.

 For reference, the current Cayenne Coupe Turbo has 541 hp. and is able to accelerate to 100 km \ h in 3.7 seconds. If the model in these “spy” images really gives almost 260 additional horsepower, then this should be an absolute “rocket” on the road.

 The presentation of the high-performance version of the coupe-shaped crossover may take place at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which will begin in a couple of days.