On tests seen a prototype of a new hybrid Ferrari model

On tests seen a prototype of a new hybrid Ferrari model

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Engineers of the Italian brand are testing a camouflaged prototype of a new hybrid car. The car borrowed the body from the model 488 – the serial version of the new product will have a completely different design.

After the LaFerrari hybrid was shown in 2013, and in 2019 we were presented with the SF90 Stradale hybrid supercar, Ferrari is preparing to present its third hybrid model. This time, the electrified “prancing horse” will be positioned as a more affordable brand model in terms of price and is expected to be smaller in size. Participants in foreign FerrariChat forums call it “Little Brother”, and now, a camouflaged prototype of the novelty has been seen in Ferrari’s hometown of Maranello.

Although the spotted car may look like a 488 GTB with some weird camouflage and tailpipes installed above, it’s actually a brand new model that Ferrari has been working on for quite some time. Take a closer look and you will notice yellow stickers that indicate that this car has an electrified motor.

The side air intakes behind the doors are noticeably larger than what we are used to seeing on conventional 488 GTBs.

Pay attention to the blue wire sticking out their doors on the passenger side and going under the hood, shows that Ferrari is probably experiencing the operation of the power plant.

The test mule was spotted on the road paired with the SF90 Stradale, which is not so surprising given the electrified “nature” of both supercars. It is believed that the new Ferrari model will use a V6 gasoline engine and an electric motor. It goes without saying that it will be significantly less powerful than the SF90 Stradale and its 986 hp. Some say that the new hybrid powerplant will produce approximately 700 hp, but this remains to be seen.

It is unclear what the new model of the Italian brand will be called – earlier there were rumors about the revival of the name Dino. The novelty will be presented in the first quarter of next year, but its mass production is scheduled only for the third quarter of 2021.

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