On tests noticed the most powerful Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

On tests noticed the most powerful Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

March 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Journalists captured a test prototype of the most powerful performance of the German Mercedes-AMG GT coupe. The car received a lot of camouflage, as well as a giant wing.

The performance of the Black Series will be the last for the current generation of the high-performance coupe Mercedes-AMG GT. Foreign photographers captured a couple of prototypes of the news from AMG, one of which drove along the Nurburgring, and the other frolic in the snow in Northern Europe.

 They look more aggressive than the current GT R, which we are all familiar with, to the point that you can confuse them with the GT3 and GT4 series racing cars developed by Mercedes-AMG. Everything here hints at a more powerful technical stuffing – from the special shape of the hood and the massive splitter in the front to four exhaust pipes and a giant wing with an adjustable valve at the back.

 There are a couple of differences between the two Black Series prototypes, as one of them seen at the Nurburgring seems to have a safety cage behind the front seats, while the other has nothing of the kind.

 The latter has an orange graphics in the headlights, which indicates that this is a prototype model, the production version of which is likely to be intended for the United States. Both have a fairly small clearance, but the one that traveled along the roads of Germany seems to be glued to the road.

 It has already been confirmed that under the hood of the German novelty there will be a new 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a capacity of around 700 “horses”. In addition to a more powerful engine, the Black Series is likely to have a suspension and chassis with sportier settings, more powerful brakes, not to mention the lower weight of the car, thanks to more carbon fiber.