On tests noticed off-road station wagon Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

On tests noticed off-road station wagon Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

October 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German news will have updated optics, as well as revised bumpers and a false radiator grille. The presentation should be expected no earlier than next year.

While the leadership of the German brand has not yet decided whether the new generation of compact C-class will have an all-terrain station wagon (All-Terrain), we are 100% sure that All-Terrain E will be shown in the near future -Class. Currently, the Mercedes team is working on a small update for the entire E-Class business line.

A couple of minutes ago, foreign journalists published a “fresh” batch of “spy” photos of the prototype off-road station wagon. The test car has camouflage exactly in the areas where we expected it – front and rear.

Despite the film that hides the appearance of most of the headlights, you can easily see the updated graphics with new LED daytime running lights, similar to those in the CLS model. The appearance of the false radiator grille seems to have changed a bit. Some restrained bumper modifications complete the changes in the front.


The rear will most likely also have updated optics, judging by the white film – the rear door, a quarter of the panel and the rear bumper are covered with camouflage. The metal bar, which extends from one upper corner of the rear light to the other, seems to have remained in place, while the bumper does not seem to have changed at all.

Despite the fact that we do not have images of the interior of the novelty, we can make a reasonable assumption that all versions of the new E-Class will receive a new generation MBUX infotainment system similar to that installed in the GLE 2020 crossover coupe of the model year.