On tests, an updated version of the Chevy Tahoe SUV

On tests, an updated version of the Chevy Tahoe SUV

July 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The prototype of a completely new version of the Chevy Tahoe frame SUV, which will go on sale as a car of 2021 model years, has been seen in tests. The car will receive an independent rear suspension.

If there is any serious difference between the American Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs, this is a completely independent rear suspension. Both SUVs are positioned as family cars, but the Expedition has a multi-link rear suspension, while the Tahoe “retains faith in a solid axle.”

The report of the foreign edition of Car and Driver says that the full-size Tahoe SUV will finally have an independent rear suspension that completely removes the drive axle from its design. Thus, the new Tahoe should finally improve the quality of its ride.

This information is confirmed by previous “spy” pictures of an SUV that
appeared last year, when the SUV was seen with a seemingly multi-link rear suspension under a heavily disguised body. So now, the new Tahoe will be as close as possible to the Ford Expedition.

Off-road multi-link rear suspension will benefit greatly in terms of handling, driving comfort and the amount of space in the cabin. Without an active, spring-loaded axle, passengers will move more smoothly, not to mention the fact that there will be more space behind because of the new layout.

In addition to the new suspension, the SUV will also receive another GM T1 platform, which Tahoe will share with other GM products, such as the Suburban, Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon.

As for powertrains, GM will equip the Tahoe with a 3.6-liter V6, as well as a 5.3-and 6.2-liter V8. It is assumed that hybrid versions will also be offered, and 8- or 10-speed automatic transmission are available as checkpoints.