On tests, a rather unusual prototype of Renault Megane is noticed.

On tests, a rather unusual prototype of Renault Megane is noticed.

July 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A slightly odd test prototype of a French hatchback was spotted by journalists somewhere in Spain. The car, which received a modified body of the current version of the compact hatchback Megane ime

On closer examination of the published photos, it seems that the “extension cords” attached to the front fenders are wider than the rear, while there are no covers for the charging port on the driver’s side and the gas tank on the other side.

For some reason, Renault engineers decided to put on some camouflage in the front and rear of the car, which had a rather unusual dark gray body color with predominantly white door handles.

In one of the shots, the test prototype of the Megane is visible in front of another strange vehicle, this time based on the previous-generation city baby Clio in a more practical form of a station wagon. He also has those wheel arch extensions and slightly increased ground clearance.

One of the most likely reasons for the emergence of such an unusual prototype of the current Megane is the early stage of testing the next-generation compact crossover Kadjar and its plug-in hybrid engine. This would make sense, given that the current generation of the SUV has been on the market for more than four years. The next generation crossover is likely to be introduced in a couple of years, and this prototype, which fastened the Megane body to itself, is an early example of it.

 Meanwhile, we will learn more about the Renault plug-in hybrid engine in 2020, when a brand new supermini Clio will be introduced.