On tests, a new hybrid supercar Ferrari is spotted.

On tests, a new hybrid supercar Ferrari is spotted.

May 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The author of this video, which, as they say, was at the right time and place, could capture the new hybrid supercar Ferrari. The driver who was driving the prototype even wanted to get away from the “chase”, but he did not succeed.

What you see here thanks to the courtesy of the 9000lambo user on Instagram is not just a prototype of the 488 Pista, but a new hybrid model that has not yet received its name. It is already known that it will be officially presented in a couple of weeks. How do we know that this Italian brand car is electrified?

There is a yellow warning sign on the left door – a sign that we have already seen many times on other hybrid vehicles.

Discovered in the heart of the Italian city of Maranello by eyewitnesses who were in the 488 Spider, the man behind the wheel of a prototype Ferrari was not pleasantly surprised to see that he was being followed. In a fun cat-and-mouse game, the test driver tried to get away from the unexpected “reporters” in the parking lot, but he failed.

As for the car itself, because of the heavy camouflage, there’s nothing special to talk about. However, we can see that the twin exhaust pipes are located above the normal. These dotted square LED tail lights are not particularly good, but most likely they are temporary and will be replaced with something more attractive on a production car.

 As for the technical characteristics, we only know that the novelty will have a total power of 986 horsepower. It is believed that the basis of the hybrid unit will be V8.