On sale a cheap analog of Toyota Tundra

On sale a cheap analog of Toyota Tundra

December 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Chinese company ZX Auto has launched the largest pickup truck in its lineup called the ZX Terralord.

The ZX Terralord pickup truck became available for ordering in the home market a month ago. The day before, the first buyers finally got their cars. Such pickups, in addition to an updated appearance, received a redesigned interior and an expanded list of available options. At the same time, they began to resemble the second-generation Toyota Tundra, a full-size pickup truck updated in 2013. But on the technical side, these two cars have nothing in common.

Under the hood of the ZX Terralord lies a 2.4-liter 218-horsepower turbo engine developed by Mitsubishi Motors, or the 2.5-liter 129-horsepower turbodiesel from Isuzu. The drive can be rear or full. Already in the “base” the pickup gets ABS, traction control, 17 inch alloy wheels, as well as stability control and lifting assistance.

 Also, the updated car relies on cruise control, parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, a full-time navigator, advanced multimedia with an 8-inch touchscreen, leather trim, a tire pressure monitoring system, etc.

For the most affordable ZX Terralord in Chinese car dealerships, they ask for 97,900 yuan