On Honda Accord put huge off-road tires

On Honda Accord put huge off-road tires

January 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to the 24-inch wheels, which were removed from the large Ram HD pickup, the Japanese sedan can now go anywhere, and it will not even be necessary to turn it – although it can’t really do that.

Take a closer look at this copy of the Japanese sedan Honda Accord, and in particular its incredible wheels. Well, it was necessary to think of installing large 24-inch wheels and off-road tires measuring 37 inches and 16 inches wide on such a car – they had previously been equipped with a full-size pick-up Ram HD.

The guys from the YouTube channel Bug Bmx decided on such an experiment. The guys decided that the 2000 Honda Accord sedan will look good with new wheels.

When solving their task, the DIY models were faced with a significant shortage of space – it is understandable, because the designers of the Japanese car could not even think that someone could put hefty wheels on the Accord. The guys had what is called “collective farm” – as far as possible the ground clearance was increased, and the discs themselves were installed on specially made spacers.

Special mounting plates for the hub and wheels were made of half-inch steel and welded to the usual 12-inch steel struts. Yes, the mounting plates were actually welded to the wheels, although only in a few places, so that, presumably, the rims can be removed with minimal effort. The video says that the resulting car weighs at least 3,628 g.

Despite all the efforts, the front wheels can turn only a few degrees, and the off-road capability is hardly received.