On eBay they sell the iconic Ferrari Formula 1 engine

On eBay they sell the iconic Ferrari Formula 1 engine

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This motor was launched in 1995. The seller plans to help out for him a clean sum – 375 thousand dollars.

On the popular eBay classifieds website, they are looking for a new owner for the latest Ferrari 12-cylinder engine used in Formula 1 racing. For this 24-year-old motor, the seller requested 375 thousand dollars

This three-liter naturally aspirated Ferrari Tipo 044/1 engine, created for the 1995 412T car, is considered the last V12 designed for Formula 1. A year later, the championship decided to switch to ten-cylinder engines.

The mass of the power unit for sale reaches 132 kilograms. For qualification, such an engine produced 750 horsepower; directly during the race, engine power was limited to around 600 hp. How well preserved the last Furmula-1 engine is not reported. Also, the seller did not specify the “track record” of this engine: in which races he participated – is not known. By the way, for the money you ask for the formula engine, you can buy a brand new 720-horsepower coupe Ferrari F8 Tributo.