On an old Ferrari owner earned 5.8 million dollars

On an old Ferrari owner earned 5.8 million dollars

January 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An instance of the Italian sports car Ferrari F430, which was once almost completely broken, was able to bring its owner $ 5.8 million. It is noteworthy that he bought it for $ 90,000.

Imagine that you buy a used sports car of the legendary brand Ferrari “only” for $ 90,000 and after some time you get $ 5.8 million for it

In fact, this sounds somewhat … strange, but for one person it was just such a scenario that happened in reality.

According to the foreign publication Automotive News, a citizen named Hamid Adele bought an old copy of the Italian Ferrari F430 from the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz. The deal took place in Northwest Arkansas (USA) in 2016. Mr. Adele made a mistake by not checking the car yourself before buying. Instead, the car was examined by a specialist Ferrari.

  The check revealed a number of problems with the car. Some were immediately corrected, but some apparently remained unnoticed. The guys from the authorized Ferrari service center told Hamid Adele that the car was fine and that it was in perfect condition.

  Soon, the car started to smell like gasoline – the smell was so strong that it was felt in the garage and even Adelie’s house. Later it turned out that the cause is a leaky exhaust manifold.

  The Mercedes dealership, in which the car was bought, immediately distanced itself from the case, insisting that Mr. Adele himself was to blame – he had to look accusative of the car. As a result, the buyer was able to sue at this dealership 6,835 dollars in damages, 13,366 dollars in compensation for incidental damages and 5.8 million dollars in fines.

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