Older drivers transplanted to compact citycar In Japan

Older drivers transplanted to compact citycar In Japan

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Local authorities, worried about the increase in the number of road accidents involving pensioners, are considering introducing special subsidies for this category of citizens to purchase ultra-compact electric vehicles.

Japanese authorities are going to transplant older drivers on miniature city cars. Thus, the authorities want to provide the rapidly aging population with easier and safer transportation. This decision will be especially relevant for residents of rural areas, where public transport may not be enough. The reason for this innovation was the statistics of road accidents: very often, older drivers had road accidents, the newspaper The Mainichi Shimbun writes, citing Kyodo agency.

To buy compact stikars, many of which are electric today, the authorities are going to provide a special subsidy in the amount of 100 thousand yen / 915 dollars (a little more than 58,400 rudders). For comparison, for the model Coms from Toyota Auto Body Co. today asking 800,000 yen.

 It is believed that miniature citycars are much easier to manage than standard-size cars. They are usually used for trips over short distances and at low speeds. The brand new “green” citycar can be accelerated to 60 km / h, and its range is about 100 kilometers. Such restrictions will help reduce the number of serious accidents.

Meanwhile, Fiat along with Trussardi released a special version of the Panda citycar. The car gets a matte body color called “Caffè Italiano Brown” and the Trussardi logo.