Old Nissan Leaf batteries will adapt for street lighting

Old Nissan Leaf batteries will adapt for street lighting

March 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Old batteries from electric cars Nissan Leaf will be used to power street lamps. The Reborn Light, implemented by Nissan and its subsidiary, 4R Energy Corporation, will be part of the program to rebuild the Japanese settlement of Namye, which suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

For this, the company has created a new type of street lighting, which operates separately from the main power grid. During the day, lanterns store energy with the help of solar panels and store it in waste batteries. The advantage of this solution in companies is the possibility of further use of decommissioned batteries without the need for their disposal.

Testing of the prototype lamp will be held on March 26 this year at the 4R Energy factory in Namye. Full-scale deployment of the system is scheduled for early April.

In January this year, Nissan introduced the first commercial solution in the field of household energy storage systems. The platform of the Nissan Energy Solar consists of solar panels, an xStorage Home energy storage module and a control system that controls the process of accumulating and consuming energy.