Old-New 1967 Corvette: A Dream for a Collector

Old-New 1967 Corvette: A Dream for a Collector

October 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The network introduced a new restomode on the classic American Corvette. It turned out that the design of the model is easily served by modern trends, and in a modern way looks amazing.

We have already seen many works of designers who tried to present their own vision of old cars in a modern way. Nevertheless, the presented restoode at the 1967 Corvette was the most beloved project. But the most interesting thing is that an independent designer showed on video the process of creating his own render. The video is in English, but understanding the details of the work done is quite simple.

The artist decided to leave the dimensions of the car unchanged, but also decided to change some conceptual things. In particular, a lower spoiler was added to the front bumper, all the optics became LED, the side exhaust was “dismantled”, the hood became a little smaller, and the rims became more expressive.

Unfortunately, the fate of this project has nothing to do with implementation. A professional render will remain just a picture on the Internet. Although, someone may take up an attempt to implement this restomode.