Old Honda Civic wagon got a chance for a second life

Old Honda Civic wagon got a chance for a second life

December 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the tuning studio Bisimoto installed a powerful 1000 hp engine under the hood of an old Japanese station wagon Honda Civic. They also equipped the car with an advanced all-wheel drive system, as well as a more high-performance Quaife gearbox.

The company Bisimoto is one of the most famous tuning studio in North America. His latest project can be called quite ambitious and at the same time cool. The guys decided to significantly upgrade the old fourth-generation Honda Civic wagon.

A couple of minutes ago, on their YouTube channel Hoonigan, company representatives posted a video showing a Japanese wagon, which in the literal sense of the word got a chance for a second life. The car boasts a four-wheel drive system, a powerful 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, whose maximum power is not much more than 1000 horsepower.


 It is reported that engineers tuning studio Bisimoto was heavily modified standard powerplant Honda K24.

One of the great advantages of this particular engine is that the exhaust manifold is integrated into the unit. This arrangement of elements eliminates the use of traditional tubular manifolds and is ideal for using turbocharging. More productive pistons, connecting rods, cams and other components of the motor were installed, in particular thanks to them they managed to raise the power of the motor.

 Initially, the EF Civic wagon was already available with the all-wheel drive system, but the Bisimoto studio offers a custom-tuned counterpart. The engine runs on a Quaife sequential gearbox. And the redesigned rear differential from the Honda CR-V crossover is able to quickly respond to the loss of the front wheels of the clutch.

Not so long ago, our automotive edition became aware that the new Honda Civic will receive an off-road version based on the Versatilist concept.