Okon spoke about the collision with Verstappen in Brazil

Okon spoke about the collision with Verstappen in Brazil

November 23, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At a press conference in Abu Dhabi, Esteban Okon explained his behavior on the track during the Brazilian Grand Prix, when he collided with a car with Max Verstappen.

Because of this annoying case, Max lost his chance to win and took second place, and after the race, emotions took over and the driver went to deal with the opponent. After a small scuffle, the stewards put forward Max in the form of two days of community service.

Now, Okon decided to explain himself for his behavior on the track: “At the pit stop, there was a slight hitch, so I ended up on the track between Hamilton and Verstappen. Despite my speed, I still got stuck with Max, then the team told me on the radio that I could come forward if I wanted. ”

He further said that the opponent himself made it clear that at that moment the tire bank, and then Okon decided to overtake. For him, it was of great importance to get closer to the top ten, and in case of which, to earn points.

“Needless to face the leader is not a pleasant thing. Max drove the race perfectly and had to get out of it as a winner. I’m sorry it happened. ”

Recall that in Abu Dhabi from 23 to 25 November will be the final stage of Formula 1 in the season 2019.