Officially: the new BMW X5 will be presented this year

Officially: the new BMW X5 will be presented this year

May 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The chairman of the board of BMW AG, Harald Kruger, shared the information about the forthcoming novelties at the annual meeting of shareholders.

As previously reported, one of the closest and long-awaited novelties will be the revived BMW 8 Series coupe, which is scheduled for release on June 15. The family of the new eight-cylinder engine will include at least six models, including the BMW M8 Gran Coupe, which will demonstrate a new language for the design of the Bavarian brand.

Another novelty will be a completely new crossover BMW X7, which will receive the status of the flagship of the off-road line of the brand. The company plans to ship a full-size novelty to the conveyor by the end of the year.

Kruger noted that the 2018 will be the year for BMW X, since the greatest number of new products this year will be on the X-line. Some, however, were introduced last year, but the market has already entered the market: the new X3, the “cool” X2, the “athletic” X4 and, later this year, will be presented to the X5 of the new generation.

By the way, recently it became known that together with the BMW 8 Series a new engine will make its debut. It’s about the V8, which will replace the motor N63. The working volume of the engine will not change – 4.4 liters, and also the system of double turbo-supercharging will remain, but the design itself has been substantially redesigned, and the power has significantly increased.

Earlier, we also reported that for 2019 is scheduled restyling of the flagship sedan BMW 7 Series.