Officially: New Generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class debuts in September

Officially: New Generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class debuts in September

June 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German executive sedan Mercedes-Benz S-Class will be presented at a special event in September this year. The novelty will retain its gasoline engine V12, will receive a different platform and four-wheel drive.

The appearance of a completely new generation of the representative Mercedes S-Class is always a big event, so we patiently wait until the sedan in the W223th body finally appears. Now we have new details about the production car – in a conversation with the head of the German brand development department, Jürgen Weissinger, he noted that various difficulties, backed up by the outbreak of coronavirus, pushed the world premiere of the updated S-Class several times. At the moment, it is planned that the debut of the new items will take place in early September this year in the German city of Sindelfingen.

The development of the next-generation S-class began in 2015, when work began on a new platform on which other models of the company will ultimately be built.

We also learn from Mr. Weissinger that the new S-Class will receive both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations, along with high-performance versions from Mercedes-AMG, as well as luxury versions from Mercedes-Maybach. In the case of the latter, the monstrous V12 gasoline engine will be preserved, which will be paired with 4Matic all-wheel drive.

Despite the fact that the novelty will be available with soft hybrid six- and eight-cylinder engines, the next S-class will again be offered with four-cylinder engines in some markets, but not in Europe or North America. Smaller engines will be available mainly in markets with high taxes on larger engines.

The new S-class will again be offered with a choice between three wheelbases: standard, long and extended versions (Maybach). We will not be too surprised if there is a new Pullman, but this remains to be seen. Weissinger also said that the engineers introduced rear-wheel steering to reduce the rotation of the car, which is nice to hear, given that the wheelbase was stretched another four centimeters compared to the previous model.

After the September premiere of 2021, the Mercedes S-Class will go into production at the company’s new plant in Sindelfingen, which, according to Mercedes, will become the most modern automobile plant in the world. This is the place where additional models of the “highest and luxurious class” will be assembled this decade.

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