Officially: Grand Prix of France will not take place

Officially: Grand Prix of France will not take place

April 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The organizers of the French Grand Prix have confirmed – in 2020 the stage will not take place due to the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic …

The race was supposed to take place in Paul Ricard at the end of June – and until today it was the first that has not yet been canceled and rescheduled, but the decision of the French government to ban major events, at least until mid-July, combined with travel restrictions, forced the organizers of the Grand Prix to make such a decision.

Eric Bouillet, managing director of the Grand Prix of France: “The situation with the distribution of Covid-19 and the decisions of the French government do not allow us to hold the Grand Prix this season. We’ve already switched to preparing for the stage of 2021 to offer fans an even more exciting sight. ”

Chase Carey, executive director of Formula 1: “Together with the promoter of the Grand prix of France, we monitored the development of the situation, and although the fans and the entire community of Formula 1 are disappointed that the race will not take place, we fully support the decisions of the French authorities and look forward to returning to Paul Ricard. “

Grand Prix of France – the 10th stage, canceled or rescheduled this year. It is assumed that the season starts on July 5 in Austria.