Official photos of the updated 2021 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck published

Official photos of the updated 2021 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck published

June 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press service of the American automaker published photos with the updated Chevrolet Colorado truck. The novelty is a bit like a full-size Chevy Silverado.

We saw a restyled version of the mid-size Chevrolet Colorado pickup last year. Official photos showed us the performance of the new ZR2, which is focused on overcoming off-road. Now we finally have a photo of the regular version of the Colorado 2021 model year, and judging by it, he borrowed some elements of his exterior from the full-size Silverado pickup truck.

“The updated version of the Chevrolet Colorado 2021 began to look more dynamic. The car has become wider and has an expressive appearance, ”said Matt Nun, Chevrolet Truck Exterior Design Director.

Thus, the “face” of Colorado acquires a new false radiator grille, which has become larger in size and simulates the grille on the “older brother” Chevy Silverado. The central bar in the radiator grill also represents a new design, which is available in various trim levels, although, unlike the more off-road ZR2, the brand logo of the brand is still visible in the middle.

The new false radiator grill comes with an updated front bumper with larger vents and an enlarged protrusion for corner headlights. This is a two-element design, which includes a horizontally located air intake, as well as many elements that, according to Mr. Nun, give the truck a “wider and more stable presence on the road.”

Updates at the back are not so extensive. The Colorado wide-stepped bumper with side cutouts remains unchanged, as do the taillights. There is a new rear door with a huge Chevrolet lettering.

There is no mention of internal or mechanical updates for the 2021 model year truck. The official price of the Chevrolet has not been announced, but we heard that the basic configuration will cost $ 26,395. Production is scheduled to begin in late June.