Off-road vehicles threaten UK efforts to cut CO2 emissions

Off-road vehicles threaten UK efforts to cut CO2 emissions

December 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A paper published by the British Center for Energy Research claims that, thanks to SUVs, an additional 8.2 million tons of CO2 will be emitted into the atmosphere of the United Kingdom over a decade.

The UK Energy Research Center (UKERC) has published its annual Energy Policy Review, which states that consumer demand for larger cars, such as SUVs, is sabotaging the green transport revolution planned by the British government. This report contains some recommendations for “an immediate solution to the problem of selling larger cars in the country.”

 According to the study, over the past four years, 1.8 million SUVs have been sold, and in 2018, SUVs accounted for 21.2% of new car sales. For comparison, three years ago, this figure was only 13.5% of the market.

UKERC claims that since SUVs are larger and heavier than standard cars, they emit a quarter more CO2 than mid-size cars and almost four times more than mid-size battery electric vehicles. Assuming that most of these SUVs will be on UK roads for a decade, the report indicates that additional cumulative emissions from SUVs will be about 8.2 million tons of CO2.

 The report says the UK should abandon fossil fuel vehicles starting in 2030. However, RAC said consumer demand for electric SUVs is likely to continue, and customers simply need to develop infrastructure and technology to encourage them to use gasoline and diesel cars.

 “The only thing that keeps drivers from choosing an electric car as the next car to buy is their high price, power reserve that can be overcome on one full charge, the dense location of charging stations and the choice of cars on the market.”