Off-road package presented for Lamborghini Urus crossover

Off-road package presented for Lamborghini Urus crossover

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Italian crossover Lamborghini Urus with off-road package looks quite good. On assurances of the guys from the company Lamborghini, now a prestigious car will be able to cope with off-road, not strong, of course, but now it is within his power.

The mid-size crossover Lamborghini Urus boasts impressive dynamic performance – it can accelerate to the first “hundred” in just 3.6 seconds, and its maximum speed is 305 km / h.

Off-road “package” for the crossover Urus offers reinforced steel bumper, while matte steel textures exhaust pipes, roof rails are on the roof. In addition, to protect the bottom of the model Urus specially made plates of stainless steel. New boasts increased to 27.9 ° angle of entry and up to 28.3 ° angle of the exit.

In addition, the engineers of the Italian automaker increased the ground clearance to 248 mm – thanks to the pneumatic system, its size can be changed. All over the body added protective body kits

The number of available driving modes has also been increased – there are now six of them. New regimes called Terra and Sabbia. Sabbia mode is specifically designed to increase the performance of the Urus crossover when driving on sand or gravel. Terra allows you to overcome obstacles to improve safety, even on very uneven off-road surfaces.

Of course, off-road means a very high opportunity to dirty a once-clean car. That is why the guys from the company Lamborghini added a special “package” for more thorough cleaning of the crossover glass from dirt.