NVIDIA has stopped testing drones around the world

NVIDIA has stopped testing drones around the world

March 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

NVIDIA became the third major company after Uber and Toyota, which completely stopped testing all cars with automatic control systems. This is due to a lethal accident involving drone in Arizona, Forbes reports.

In NVIDIA in every possible way tried to distance themselves from the fatal accident with a test car Uber brand Volvo, which, according to the investigation, used some of the development programs of NVIDIA. At the same time representatives of the NVIDIA claimed that the drone used only the graphic process, and not artificial intelligence.


Recall, in mid-March in the city of Tempe (Florida), next to the pedestrian crossing an autonomous car company Uber to death knocked down a woman cyclist. At the time of the accident, the machine moved off-line. This is the first recorded case of human death as a result of a collision of an unmanned vehicle.

In the car there was a driver, who did not manage to take control. According to preliminary data, there is no fault with the drone in the accident. The woman suddenly jumped on the road, as a result, the system simply did not have time to react to the danger.