NuCamp has created a new camper that is not afraid of competition

NuCamp has created a new camper that is not afraid of competition

November 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The launch of the novelty on the market is scheduled for this year so that buyers can prepare for the new season. This Cirrus 620 is ideal for half-ton trucks.

NuCamp already has TAB 400, TAG and TAB 320 teardrop campers, as well as the Cirrus 820, which will work seamlessly with monophonic cars. Now the company has presented a new mobile home, the Cirrus 620, which can be equipped with lighter vehicles.

A few hours ago, the company posted the first video teaser of the novelty on its YouTube channel. It is similar in design to the larger Cirrus 820. It is based on an aluminum body designed for easy attachment to the platform of any half-ton truck. The camper weighs only 680 kilograms. And already in the “base” it boasts good equipment: electrical outlets, solar panels, a backup camera, etc.

This motorhome contains almost everything you need on a trip, with the exception of a shower. The camper comes standard with a kitchenette, a large queen-size bed and a cassette toilet. In this case, the camper is heated and has a hot water supply system.

Individual functions of the novelty (for example, lighting) can be controlled using gadgets.

The developers are confident that they have created a product that is not yet on the market. Buyers may find a camper with similar functionality, but it will be heavier and less comfortable. Nothing is known about prices yet. Probably, NuCamp will declassify price lists closer to the start of sales.