NuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper Touring Trailer Introduced

NuCamp Cirrus 620 Truck Camper Touring Trailer Introduced

December 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

NuCamp has introduced the Cirrus 620 touring camper, which is designed for half-ton trucks. NuCamp says their new resting trailer weighs less than 680.39 kg and is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

NuCamp Cirrus 620 offers a one-stop camping solution for half tonne pickup truck owners. Announced earlier this month, the nuCamp trailer weighs less than 680kg, making it compatible with both short and long half-ton pickups. This compact trailer has one drawback – it doesn’t have a shower.

The design of the new item allows many trucks not only to attach the tailgate, but also to leave it closed.

Upon completion of the company representatives, their new camper is suitable for four-season use. Its lightweight design allows owners to ditch the weld-on rods underneath the camper to secure it. Instead, it is light enough to tie to anchors inside a truck bed. There are electrical outlets inside.

NuCamp 620 comes with a fully equipped kitchenette – sink, fridge, two-burner stove, light gray wood furniture, ample storage space, hidden cassette toilet and queen-size bed. The company is also installing an Alde heating and hot water system, a backup camera and smartCamp customizable lighting and a master fan controller that can be controlled “from any smart device.”

The first batch of the new Cirrus 620 has already been sent to nuCamp dealers, the company said, with sales starting later this month. Other features to be offered include a 210-watt Solar Kit, a BlueTooth speaker, and a 20-pound LP bay.

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