Now Hyundai has refused to participate in the Geneva Motor Show

Now Hyundai has refused to participate in the Geneva Motor Show

February 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company announced its refusal to bring its new products this spring to the European salon of low conversion and high cost. Now forces will be applied to search for and develop new directions for attracting customers to the brand.

Natasha Waddington, head of the PR department of the South Korean brand Hyundai, said that in March 2019 the company would not exhibit its own stand at the Geneva Motor Show. This is due to the outdated format of such events, at high cost and low returns. In other words – it is inappropriate investment of money to visit all international car dealerships. Nevertheless, a visit to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of this year is planned.

Apparently, we are in the time of sunset car showrooms. The format is likely to remain alive, but its popularity will decline sharply. It is possible that a number of events will be closed forever, or they will move to a new level. In addition to Hyundai, Volvo, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover will not come to Geneva.

It is worth noting that the sister brand KIA will still visit Geneva, where it is going to present several new products, including new cars, as well as technologies.